About Us

Who We Are

We are a couple of adventure loving backpackers that had a thirst to experience all of what this amazing planet has to offer. Life is too short to lock ourselves down with an office job, a mortgage and kids before getting the chance to roam free. We live without regrets, marching forward full throttle into the great unknown.

Our Story

Our story begins when fate intertwined our lives on the island of Oahu. Julia was working as a graphic designer and studio assistant in Dallas Texas. She was in a constant cycle of anxiously awaiting her 2 week vacation escapes to Hawaii every year. Jason had already traded life in dreary Seattle for 365 days of sunshine and surf in Hawaii. Our paths crossed, we fell in love immediately, and have been living out our dreams in Hawaii until now….

Jason Jump

Rock Climber & Accountant

Jason has spent the last few years hanging from cliffs in some of Hawaii’s most dramatic and dangerous landscapes. His passions are surfing, video games, gummie bears, and kitties. He is a definite cat person and will be missing snuggles with our two kitties Feffri & Keva who sadly could not join us abroad.

Julia Jump


Life as a photographer in Hawaii is easy-peasy. Working in such an incredible destination has afforded Julia the opportunity to photograph people traveling from across the globe. Her passions are cooking (mostly unsuccessfully), eating all the foods, hiking, and cruising on lanais, cocktail in hand watching the sunset.

More about us….

Check out videos of our experiences on our YouTube channel and join in the adventure!