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Pai is an adorable little town situated in a valley a few hours north of Chiang Mai. It has grown over the years to become a haven for backpackers. While half of the town seems to cling to its Thai roots, there is a large chunk that caters to travelers, and especially the pakalolo loving sort. You can find plenty of delicious healthy, organic, vegan, or western food restaurants. And the party scene is definitely thumping. Despite not being the most authentic place we have visited, we really enjoyed our time in Pai. We had a lovely time just taking thing slow. Drinking coffee by the river, or having some wine in a beautiful garden. But our favorite part of Pai was hopping on a motorbike and touring around the countryside exploring. Here are some of our favorite sights:

Mortorbiking. Zooming around the countryside at your own pace ain’t a bad way to spend a few days.

Second guessing heading into those hills.

Miles of scenic Thai countryside.

The Land Split. This is kind of a tourist trap, but I don’t even care at all because they give you free food and wine. You¬† can always count me in when there is food and wine involved. The setting was beautiful, they bring you tons of foods from their land, and a Roselle juice and wine that they make themselves. The family that runs it is so friendly, and its so peaceful and lovely just to sit and pass the time. The make their money based on donation, so don’t forget to keep sharing the love.


Upon arriving at the Land Split we were handed over a smorgasbord of food, juice and wine. For Free!

All the tasty foods grown at the Land Split

The landsplit has continued to split a farmers land in half since an earthquake in 2008

Some pretty cool formations

Tham Lod Cave. We motorbiked the 30 miles of gut wrenching turns through the mountains to check out Tham Lod Cave. Only the first cave was open due to high water levels, but it was the largest cave I have ever been into. We took a raft deep inside where the only light we could see was from our guides little lantern.

Entrance to Tham Lod Cave

In order to get into the cave you need to take a raft on the water.

Jason and our guide checking out the cave formations.

Elephants. So Jason and I are saving our full elephant experience for an Elephant Conservation center in Laos, but Pai has tons of Elephant Camps on the side of the road so we stopped to feed them some bananas. We love elephants, and it is crazy to see them unexpectedly so up close. Some places are legit, some not so much. If you decide to go for the Thai elephant experience, we recommend doing your research. We would never want to support a place that chained elephants, hurt them, or allowed people to ride on them.

Up. Close. And. Personal

This guy was a little huffy.

Jason made a new friend.

Sunset at the White Buddha. We were a little late for sunset, but there was still an amazing view from the top.

The view from the top of the white Buddha in Pai.

White Buddha 

I could have wandered around here for days.

Written by: Julia